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    Red face Unanswered: Transferring data between Oracle 9i and Oracle lite both ways

    Hi, I have installed Oracle Lite on a laptop that will house an application that will be able to use the OLite Database through an ODBC connection. I would like to then be able to upload changed data to my Oracle 9I database and even be able to refresh the Olite tables on the laptop. What do i need to be able to establish a link between the two platforms, I have installed the 9I client software on the laptop and created the necessary Tnsname, so that from the laptop i am able to logon to the 9I database through SQL via a wireless connection. OLite:On the laptop I have created an ODBC connection to the Polite database so that i can create tables there, which i have done.

    Can the two databases see each other, how do i make them talk to each other, what entries and where do i set up those entries so that i can have them talking to each other.

    Any answers that would help my understanding and help me to complete this project would be apreciated. HELP!!
    Thanks and have a good day,

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    All your questions are answered in 1 or both of these fine manuals.
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    Thank you for your help, i have downloaded the manual and am in the process of going through it.
    Thanks again.

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