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    Unanswered: Web Page into Excel

    I have a database system at work that only allows the printing of a report query or saving as a web page. I need to be able to add this data into other things. So if I save the report as a web page, how can I import that into excel?

    I am looking for some vba code that would import the web page onto a specific worksheet and this would enable me to take data from it and produce my own report.


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    I have just begun to learn the coding process, so I'm not an expert at it, but you can probably do what you're need through the menus....


    the 'Import Data' function or 'New DB query' function should work.
    I assume it would just be like performing a Web Query (importing a web table, like financial data). Just browse your file. You can do HTML's, no problem.

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