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    Unanswered: MSDE Installation Crashes Pc

    Hi Folks,

    I've jumped over from the sister site to ask the question:

    Has anyone ever seen an issue where when installing MSDE, during the installation the pc reboots of its own accord?

    After the MDAC is installed as part of the installation the pc reboots and upon boot up, MSDE is not in the program files directory. Instead it's sitting in the C:\ root. This occurs for a straight MSDE install or with an Instancename install.

    There does exist a Microsoft SQL Server folder in the Program Files but it is incomplete. It's missing the Binn folder. Also, there is no reference to MSDE in the Add/Remove programs tool but ther MSDE service does show up in the Services. However I cannot start these as they are pointing to the correct location.

    To date, I have tried removing the instance and installation from the registry. I have turned off all AntiVirus software. I have ensured I am using an Admin user profile. I have tried a blank sa passowrd for the installation. all of this is to no avail.

    I am seriously stuck with this now and I am in dire need of a resolution so if anybody has any ideas or has seen this one before, I love some help.


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    My MSDE was included with Visual Studio .Net, I don't remember if it was an option of the VS install. I seem to remember having to install it separately afterward. Where are you getting yours?
    But maybe if you can install the MDAC first, the MSDE will see that all the required MDAC files are already present, and not reboot in the middle of the MSDE install.
    The only other thing I can think of is to do a Google search. The Microsoft Knowledge Base articles may contain your problem situation.
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