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    Unanswered: Skipping Logfile entry

    Hi All,

    I am running Informix v10.00.UC6 on AIX v5.3.

    If we are using ontape -c to do the continuous backup, is there a way to check which are the logical logs that was backed up on the tape. Is there any command that might show this?

    For some reason the console output of the logical log thats backed up is skipping one or two log file. In the sense, it shows logical log 89903 backed up, then it shows 89905 being backed up and this is happening rather frequently. Is there a way to rectify this? Would it cause any issues?

    Appreciate your thoughts.


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    You can write a small script which can run say every minute and grep on message log and look for "Logical log" as text. It should contain details of each log being filled and backed up. Check if log no 89904 exist?



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