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    Join Our Project! WebSite Designer/Coder Needed!


    I am John, founder of a project for a new irc network (non-profit organization). After 5 years of developing, our project is almost ready to be launched for public use.We have coded our costum made irc daemon and services and we own the domains we are going to use. We also have some dedicated servers for hosting both the irc network servers and the site. As none of us have skills/knowledge in web design we would like to request someone to work with us volunteerly in developing of that site. We need a xhtml/html and css design/template so as to use it as our site.. That we offer is the ability to use that site in your portofolio (if you have any), to display your name/nick/site/banner in the site and chat network, and also your name at the credits section of our site.

    Our logo have been done by another volunteer in these forums (you can see it in order to take an idea of what we are looking).. We have an idea of how we would like our site to look like, so you only have to design/code it.

    Also, we accept offers for new logo, or the improvment of the one we have, and also for banner/flash or whatever you are able to offer (for example SQL skills, dedicated servers for hosting etc..)

    Any suggestions/help are welcome..

    We are volunteers working to make a better world for irc! Reply only if you are really interested in participating in that project - we are professionals developing that project for years and we need also professionals to help us volunteerly for that site - otherwise i will mention your actions (like "nick just post to make good impression but he never helped for that project").


    PS: Moderators, as i couldnt find where to post it, if its in the wrong section, move it in the right one please.. thanks

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    none interested?

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