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    Unanswered: data movement from other systems

    Anyone give guidance on moving data from diffrent rdbms ( SQL/Sybase/Oracle) to UDB ?

    if someone have done it please let us know the tools withing db2 and any issues encoutered.

    Thanks in Advance!


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    to access other databases beside DB2 I suggest to use "IBM Websphere Information Integrator". I hope the name is this the same, IBM likes to change names of products - don't be confused of "Websphare" name inside product name, before this name it was "IBM DB2 Information Integrator". It was just renaming...

    The main idea is federation. Federation is the process to see the data in other RDBMS like they would be in the local database. For example if you are using SAMPLE db2 database. Executing select statement to the sample database to the nickname (table that exist in another database or another RDBMS) returns result to the application just like the table would lie in local sample database. So this solution is application transparent. So first of all you need to answer to the question: Do you need to move data? If the answer is still yes, you can make a SQL: "insert into target_table_in_DB2_table select * from source_oracle_ms_sybase_table" or use any other SQL. If you need to move lots of data then cursor can be created to nickname and then using load to move data to local database. As far as I know this is the fastest way to move data and what is even better there are no ASCII files.

    BTW, federation is free of charge for moving data between "DB2 and DB2" or "DB2 and Informix". But you need to access data from other vendors, so you need to buy Information Integrator.

    Our company is using federation for at least 5 years between DB2 on Linux/Unix/Windows and DB2 VSE (mainfraime system zSeries). Federation is working well.

    Hope this help,
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