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    Unanswered: Stupid sharing question

    Ok, the people at my work insist on NOT using this database I developed for them. They'd rather stay with tracking things through an Excel spreadsheet, fine, whatever.

    So anyways, question is: I put the Excel spreadsheet on a network share and gave everyone full access to it. If a user opens it up, then another opens it, it works fine. However, if a third user tries to open it, they'll get the whole, "User XYZ has the file open ,would you like to open it as a read-only file or be notified?"

    I am wondering why it does this when the 3rd person tries to open the file rather than the second person?


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    Howdy. Which version of XL do you use? Did you turn on multi-user? Did you also include tracking changes?
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    MS Office 2003. I didn't do anything with multi-user or tracking changes. I just dropped it on a network share and it'll let two people on at once but then the third gets the error message. It worked before where it would prompt the second user who was attempting to access it but not it moved to the third.?

    ***Thanks, I looked into what you posted above. Some idiota checked the "make multiple changes by different users" under share workbook.***
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