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    Question Unanswered: its a good logical question

    suppose there are two machines A & B

    A has db2 7.1 server

    B has db2 8.1 server

    there is database ISMWL on machine A

    now the task is I have copy all the database objects of ISMWL
    in the database ISMWL1 (in machine B) with all data value

    you cannot change database on any amchine

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    1) extract the DDL-scripts from all the objects from ISMWL via B2LOOK
    2) let the script from 1) run on ISMWL1,
    3) create the stored procedures of ISMWL on ISMWL1
    3) export the tables from ISMWL
    4) load the tables obtained in 3) into ISMWL
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    There are 2 more approaches:
    (1) use db2move, which simplifies Wim's steps a bit.
    (2) if you don't have to worry about existing data in the database on machine B, then take a backup from A and restore it on B.
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    but it answer should be in breif

    1-first step copy the script of create database tablescpace and bufferpool
    and run this script as
    db2 - tvf step1.sql

    2-In second step cut all foreign keys statement from db2look.sql and make
    seperate script for that foreign keys
    and run this script which contains create table, indexes primary keys
    alter statement
    db2 - tvf step2.sql

    til then database is created and table structure

    3-copy the back up file of ISMWL database to system B
    and run
    db2move ismwl load -u ism -p ism

    all the data will copy to database in SYSTEM B

    now data is copied to database objects

    4- run the script of foreign keys
    db2 -tvf step4.sql

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