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    Red face Unanswered: About Access Form

    Actually im designing a simple access database with single table. n i'd like to make a datasheet view form where i can filter the data using combobox and command button. i make a form were i put combo box n command button n put sub form of main data. but i cant' get idea how to filter that sub form using command botton given by combobox criteria.if anybody can help me i'll be greatful. n one more how's it possible to lock the current record on a form applying the checkbox.if checkbox is clicked nobody can edit that record except administrator.

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    sounds a little bit homeworkish to me.. what have you tried so far?
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    I'd suggest a good use of dynamic SQL in VBA.
    AfterUpdate event of a combobox can be used to re-write the row source of say, a listbox. Basically you want to change the SQL every time you change your combobox value, right?
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