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    Unanswered: How to set up connection to MS SQL remotely

    If I let the pages (ASP) running on the third party server access my database (MS SQL) remotely, what should I do with my database server? I was told to open a port. If it is true, what is the number of the port I should open?

    Thanks in advance

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    on the wrong server
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    DANGER. Be careful. If you do this wrong you can open up your server for the world to access.

    The default port is 1433, but if you are going to do this I reccomend changing that. You are also going to have to do stuff with your firewall. This is very dangerous and I would reccomend you explore other options. I imagine the peformance of the pages are going to suck as well.
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    If you, against all advices, should decide to do this, you should definitely have a look at HTTP endpoints, and see if you could use a HTTP endpoint. If so, you should open ONE port (443) from ONE ip (the webserver) for ONE user, which authenticates using a rather secure method, as for instance a certificate.

    This is the only solution I would think of that could come into consideration.
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