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    I am trying to convert a database from Access 1997 to Access 2003. I am working with a replica in 1997. Things I have tried so far is change that replica to a design master and then used the conversion tool in Access 2003. I get these s_Generation, s_GUID, s_Lineage in my tables (additional fields). Is there ways to get rid of these. I have also tried to change it to a design master and then made it a standalone and I have gotten the same results. Lastly I tried to create the tables, with no data, in Access 2003 and then export the data in my 1997 file to excel and then importing the data into Access 2003 individually but I get errors on some of the imports, which I think is because I have fields that are set to be autonumbers. Anymore suggestions on how to convert from Access 97 to Access 2003 without losing data or having extra fields added to my table.

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    Why don't you create a blank '03 database and then export each table/form/query into the new db separately?

    Right click the table in the '97 db and click export.
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