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    Unanswered: Database design Help

    Actually i have been assigned a project in Sql server 2000 with front end in vb 6, and its an inventory control system of a computer retail company. i dont know how to make its design. it must show inventory items and new purchases and when they are made they must update the inventory and when the items in the inventory are taken to prepare orders recieved from the customers the inventory must be updated. it must also show customers back orders, daily expenditurers, monthly expenditures, staff handling the inventory, different brands ND JOURNAL AND LEDGER Accounts, journal accounts show daily expenses of a month and ledger shows monthly expenses and it must also show yearly expenses and net profit and the transactions made to the company accounts by the customers and when items are bought from the supplier it must automatically update the company's account when the comapny makes payment to the supplier.

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    Hi riz

    It sounds like you have a brief to build a system from the ground up and you so far have got out a blank piece of paper and perhaps a pencil.

    This is far too broad a question for a forum - this is more like the very first steps towards an invitation to tender.

    Have you been assigned this in house or is this an academic exercise for a hypothetical retail company?
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    ur codings are working excelent.

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