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    Lightbulb Unanswered: how to install sql server 2000 ent after sql server 2005 installation


    I am new to this sql server thing.And for last couple of days i m trying to figure out whether we can install sql server 2000 ent edition in a server after installing or upgrading sql server 2005 from (sql server 2000) . As sql server 2005 is know to exist side by side with earlier sql server versions .

    And coming to the problem which i m facing is , I have installed sql server 2005 ent in windows 2000 server in which sql server 2000 is residing.Later when i observerd i realised that actually i have upgraded 2000 to sql 2005 server (which i hav done after consulting many people).As a result few of the client systems which were running sql server personal edition were unable to access their data from the database.For temporary relief i have installed sql server 2005 express edition plus management studio in the client systems . The doubts which i am having are

    1) what happens if i uninstall sql server 2005
    2) Is it possible to install sql server 2000 ent edition now to work along with sql server 2005

    thanks in advance .....waiting for your quick replies ..any idea's

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    Dont know how did you upgraded you 2000 server with 2005. check there may be backward compatibility.
    When you uninstall the sql server, it will remove every thing from the box.

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