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    Arrow Ms Access Or Sql Databsed Needed Please ;-)


    I am setting up a small telco business in NZ.

    Basically i require a billing system to be created which will convert raw csv files from our wholesaler into readable bills for our customers.

    Our wholesaler sends us a CSV (or similar) file which basically has all the different customers listed willy nilly, and all call data such as placed called, number called from, time, date, length of call, and price.

    Basically we want to turn these CSV files into a readable bill which we can print off for our customers.

    Now basically it would work by us having a list of call rates for each country in the database and then the system charging for those calls.

    In this system i need to be able to do a number of different things. I need to be able to add customers (add their details, remove, edit,), with this there needs to be a section of their profile which allows me to log a call/support ticket manually into the databse so it registers against their name.

    Secondly i need to be able to print off all the invoices on a set date each month (billing cycle) and print them as either a PDF to send via email or as just standard bills.

    Now we get sent call information each day from our supplier in the form of a CSV and we need to be able to import this into the database and update call history etc.

    Ultimetly i want to have to sections - a retail and a wholesale.

    The retail will look after all our customers etc. The wholesale will basically differentiate between a retail customer and a wholesale customer for us, and assign that customer to a specific wholesale customer of ours. From there we will send the wholesale customer a bill - one for their retail and one for their wholesale, So one is for them to print and give to their customers, the second is for us to bill them with. I anticipate around 2-3 wholesale clients signing up and potentially about 1-3k customers whether wholesale or retail in this system and it needs to be able to handle it all.

    I know of one company in NZ which has built this out of MS Access. I think it would be find to begin with then upgrade to SQL database. It has to be run from my PC/Laptop (i run a dual core 2.7GHZ with a gig of RAM, brand new with vista). Eventually i would like to be able to setup a client login area on the net and have these call information posted up there everyday so they can see their bill.

    Now two more important features.

    1. I must be able to send a credit card batch file to my bank to process transactions. The same would apply for direct debiting eventually.

    2. I need to send a file to either MYOB or quickbooks at the end of each billing period, listing all the clients in our database and the amount we have invoiced them for, so when we download a bank statement it automatically reconciles it for us, then we can update this in our billing system (database). Just to note with this one - it would only be retail clients that are issued with this into the MYOB as one bill for wholesale client each.

    Now last thing to add, i would like to be able to tailor the rates for each individual client. So have a table with all our standard rates, but say i have a client who is really good and spends a lot of money each month with us, i would look at giving them a set rate for certian calls if you follow.

    IF you the person for the job, please email me on - i am not sure when i require it to be done but i need to to be done say in the next 2 months, and not costing a large amount.

    Cheers Guy

    Guy Alexander
    Director - All Talk Communications Ltd.

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    Well, I'm all tied up, but I would really suggest that you skip Access & start with SQL Server Express, from the beginning, as the back-end database. It is free, has more features than Access, and it scales well. Or, use PostgreSQL. You might still want to use Access as a front end, for the reporting capabilities, (or get Jasper reports, crystal reports, or the like for your reporting requirements)
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    would you please clarify something?

    the title of this thread suggests that you just want a database, but your description of the features makes it seem like you want an entire application, which will "do" a number of things for you | @rudydotca
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