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    Question Unanswered: How to archive a table into another database?

    Hi all, i am new.

    how can i do this?
    for example i have a table called "cdr" in database "thismonth"

    i want to archive the data in the table month by month to another table "old_cdr" in database called "lastmonth"

    for example, today is 2 July, and data of June should archived into table "old_cdr", and no June data should be in table "cdr"

    how can i do this automatically?
    thanks all.

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    I think u should look for triggers and module dblink.
    All u need u can find on

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    Another approach might be to create a temp table, copy "old" records to the temp table, backup the temp table data to a file, then restore the temp table data to the archive database. After each step succeeds, you could delete the data from the "source".

    In any event, after the records are removed from the parent table, be sure to vacuum/analyze the parent table.
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