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    Unanswered: Unable to create or edit forms

    I have inherited a database from someone who has since left the project and moved to a job in Russia

    The database uses a frontend that includes the forms and reports, and is linked to the backend which contains the tables

    Problem being, as our project is moving on, this database is to be used in different ways, and we need to add features, but alas there is no way I can see a way of creating and editing the current forms (as well as adding and editing reports)

    Have you encountered and tackled this problem in the past?
    This is not a password protected database, and you can edit the queries and the tables within...

    All suggestions, very welcome

    Thanks in Advanced

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    Is the front end an MDE file ?

    If so, creating and editing forme cannot be done as fare as I am aware (not the front end)!


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