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    Unanswered: crosstab option

    how do i do a crosstab query to pull all the valuse together. like so

    Col A Col B
    Blue Apple
    Blue Orange
    Blue Pear
    Red Apple
    Red Pecan

    Blue Apple, Orange, Pear
    Red Apple, Pecan

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    You're trying to join the Column B values into one string? There's no way to do that (that I know of) in a query in Access using only SQL. Other systems (MySQL) can do it with nonstandard syntax.

    There is a Visual Basic approach. As I don't have Access handy on this machine I can't show you the code, but in short you have a query that looks like this:

    SELECT ColA, ConCatStrings(ColA) FROM YourTable
    The VB approach is not preferred, though.
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