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Alaska Updated Businesses Database 01/07

This business database is available for immediate download and contains updated business listings for all Alaska businesses that filed changes of demographic, location or contact information for the month of January 2007. Complete Alaska marketing information is available for each of the businesses in this website content database. This Alaska download database can be purchased as a single item using the links provided or you can subscribe to our Updated Businesses Database Service.

While Alaska continued to report a higher rate of growth in 2006, the pace begin to slow. This has been seen prominently in the job market, which is a reflection of businesses in the state. By the second quarter of 2006, business growth in Alaska increased by 1.5 percent. At the same time, the growth is not as high as it was in 2005, a trend seen in many western states. The business industries which are growing the fastest include natural resources and retail. Tourism is also popular, and the sell of oil has continued to fuel growth. The industry with the highest rate of growth is natural resources, and the industry with the lowest rate of growth is information.

The natural resources industry is so large that it made up nearly half of all new jobs in 2006. Retail also made up a large percentage of jobs. The northern region of Alaska has been particularly profitable when it comes to natural resources, experiencing a growth of about 5.7 percent. This growth is much higher than the United States average. However, it should also be noted that the Prudhoe Bay was recently shutdown, and this could lead to many employees losing their jobs. In addition to this, halts in oil production could weaken the revenues of the Alaskan government. Statistics show that over 25 percent of Alaskans are employed by the state government.

The real estate business continued to grow during 2006, and the value of houses increased. The real estate growth in Alaska surpassed the national average by nearly 3 percent. The real estate business was particularly successful near the city of Anchorage, and the city experienced a positive population growth during 2006. Not only has the real estate industry continued to grow, houses are much more affordable than other areas within the United States. The growth of the real estate market has opened doors in a number of different industries, most notably construction.

Despite this, the real estate industry has not been without its problems. A number of studies indicate that the number of defaults increased for adjustable rate mortgages. One reason that has been cited for these problems is the rising interest rates, especially for ARMs. While the Alaskan banks reported that they experienced solid earnings during 2006, they also noted that their assets became weaker. Overall, the performance of banks in 2006 was a bit lower than 2005. The weakness of various credit products has become apparent in many financial institutions.

Because of high interest, the value of various investments have continued to weaken. Many investors have experienced losses. The industry with the highest growth in 2006 was natural resources, followed by real estate and manufacturing. It is very likely that Alaska will maintain this growth throughout 2007. Employment with the Alaskan government continued to provide security for many citizens during 2006, and it is the third highest industry behind trade and natural resources. Oil continues to be the most valuable natural resource in the state.

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