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    Unanswered: RMAN restore problem – test data keeps showing back up


    I am encountering a problem with an RMAN restore and am unsure of what to do about it and was hoping someone here could be of help. I am running Oracle 9ir2 and Rman 9.2.0

    I have a number of databases setup for a particular project one of which is a test environment where our programmers can try new updates/changes before putting them into production.

    I have created backup scripts for all the databases using Rman to backup to both tape and disk. A while back one of our programmers was getting ready to do some potentially destructive changes to the test database and asked me to backup the database prior to his testing which I did ( to disk). He then came back about 15 minutes later and asked me to restore the database which I did using the script listed below. After that he came back and told me the restore did not work as the table changes his code made were still in the tables. After further testing, (making table changes then attempting a restore) I was able to confirm his complaint. For example I would make a backup the database to disk, change a row in a table, perform a restore of the database from a backup made prior to the change and the change I made was still there (or back again)

    I then spoke to our senior DBA who had no idea and who responded with a well it’s always worked for me. Opened an issue with Oracle who proved to be of no help at all despite sending then detailed documentation of the incident. I also searched Metalink with no success.

    So the next thing I did was have one of our server groups create a VM on a test server for me, installed Oracle, cloned my test database to the VM, installed the management server, and created a recovery catalog, registered my clone in the catalog and was all set to do some additional testing in a more controlled environment.

    To initiate a new test I did the following:

    1. I executed the following backup script to backup the database to disk, verified that everything was successful by reviewing the logs.

    connect target /@databasename;
    connect catalog /@rmancatalog;

    allocate channel D1 type disk format 'D:\oracle\AMS_Backups\databasename\DBU%d%T_%u%p';

    2. I then went into OEM, modified some rows in several tables.

    2. I then shut the database down and brought it up in mount mode and proceeded to do a restore using the script listed below.

    connect target /@databasename
    connect catalog /@rmancatalog

    set until time "to_date('July 01 2007 16:33:00','MON DD YYYY HH24:MIS')";
    allocate channel d1 type disk;
    restore database;
    recover database;


    3. Rman then proceeded to tell me that the restore and recovery went A-OK.

    I then load up OEM and go out and checked the rows I changed in the tables and lo and behold the changes I made are still in the tables, (or back in the tables) even though I supposedly had a successful restore of the database PRIOR to the time I made those changes.

    I’m sure it’s something I’m doing wrong, but to say I’m stumped is putting it mildly. Anybody got a solution/explanation for this newbie???


    Gordon Owens

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    You may have recovered to the WRONG time:
    set until time "to_date('July 01 2007 16:33:00','MON DD YYYY HH24:MIS')";

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