We are running an Oracle 6i forms application that has a main menu to get to specific forms. We are on a 8x database. We log into our Oracle forms application and it takes you to the Main Menu. With PL/SQL Developer, I check the oracle sessions that are running under my user, and I find 2, one for PL/SQL Developer, and one for the Oracle Form Appl. If I select one of the specific forms thru the Main Menu, and then check the Oracle Sessions that are running, it shows 3 sessions. One for PL/SQL Developer, 2nd one is the Form Appl session that was there initially, and now there is a 3rd session for the form that was selected via the Main Menu. Why are there 2 sessions for the Oracle Forms Application running? Does Oracle always keep one session for the Menu, and then one session for any form that is selected, or is this an application thing? Does anyone have any ideas?