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Thread: 9i versus 10g

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    Unanswered: 9i versus 10g

    One of our DBA is persisting that we need to go to 10g. Our Current Production Database is on Oracle 9i and she says 10g is better. I need to know from Oracle Guru's out there, to comment on 10g performance. is this good and on what scale?

    thanks for the info..

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    Oracle V9.2 goes out of support at the end of this month; July 2007.
    Oracle V11 will be announced later this month.
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    Even ignoring the support issues with 9i I would say from personal experience that 10g works a lot better out of the box in terms of performance. We had a lot of problems going from 8i to 9i where lots of queries had to be retuned due to performance problems. We have had very little issues going to 10g and have noticed a number of performance improvements in key areas like full table scans.


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