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    Unanswered: Reorg performance on large table

    DB2 8.2 Fp7
    Linux 2.4

    I have a large table (30 million rows) which the application is constantly reading and writing to. I need to be able to Reorg it, unfortunately it seems like it is taking forever. I even tried an offline reorg and it took hours to complete and not even sure if it did complete. I'm looking for advice, tuning, strategy for maintainance of a table of this size.



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    You either need at least of much free space in the same tablespace as is being used in the table to be reorged, or specify that a system temporary tablespace be used in the reorg (with plenty of space available).

    You should really get off of FP7 and install FP14. FP7 is the first release of 8.2 and has more bugs than an ant farm.
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