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    Hi there, I am new

    Hi, I am new, trying to learn MySQL, i am just starting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by armas
    Hi, I am new, trying to learn MySQL, i am just starting...

    Hello..i am new in here too..I'm learning MySQL and php too..Hope to learn more by joining this forum..=)

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    Welcome to both of you. The coffee's on the right and the TV is down the hall. The rest of the gang is hanging around somewhere. You'll encounter a slew of us. We're fairly good natured but there are a few of us who don't take lightly to sarcasm. But everyone will try to answer any questions you have the best that they can. You'll often get different approaches. Don't let that scare you. The biggest thing we look for is an effort on your part to solve your problem and if you can't, show us the code you're using and an explanation of what you tried and think is wrong (there are some which get on this board and want us to write their entire application for them - we don't do that.) Smiley's are encouraged. Please don't take offense if someone has a bad day and you see frustration in their post. We're all very good hearted with the best intentions. You'll learn quite a bit here, reading other posts as well as your posts. My name is PKStormy (Paul). I usually hang out in the MSAccess forum.
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