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    Unanswered: How do I copy jobs from one machine to another?

    I am moving my test database from Box A to Box B (to free up resources on my production environment). I need to generate the jobs/schedules for the database and get them over to Box B. The first problem I'm aware of is the sysdatabases table doesn't reference the DB's as the same I think that will present a little difficulty.

    I'm pretty knowledgable on SQL server, jobs, etc...but only marginally in the know on system tables. So, I'm not sure if I should be writing queries or generating SQL scripts for the jobs etc.

    I'd love to see the starting point for a script so that I can learn this part of SQL Server. NOTE: I'm on SQL 2000 still.



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    I have upgraded all our servers to SQL Server 2005, so I don't have EM anymore, but perhaps you can generate SQL scripts from EM to create the jobs. I know you can do it from SSMS, but I can't remember if EM let's you do it.

    Try to right click the server in EM where the jobs are. You should see a Tools or Create Scripts in the popup menu. Don't remember the rest, but if you are experienced you should find it if it exists.

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    even if you can't do it in EM, you should be able to generate scripts for the jobs on a 2000 server with SSMS.

    you can use SSMS to manage both 2000 and 2005 servers.

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