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    Unanswered: Issue with Date format

    I have a MS SQL temporary database (for data placeholder) which retrieves data from an Oracle database.

    Inside one of the view of the oracle there is a particular line which specified date like this:

    Because of some ad hoc requests, we need to pull out data for only 1st to 20th April so i changed the syntax to:
    v.etd BETWEEN '1 april 2007' AND '20 april 2007'

    However, it seems like MS SQL does not recognise that date pattern and return no results after executing the package. I know that SQL reads data in mm/dd/yyyy pattern but when i input that, Oracle is complaining that the month is not correct.

    Any idea how do i make things work?

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    >BETWEEN '1 april 2007' AND '20 april 2007'
    You need a refresher course on SQL syntax & Oracle datatypes.
    With SQL, the characters between single quote marks are STRING datatype; such as WHERE TOPIC = 'I need more SQL training'

    The ONLY proper way to utilize a DATE datatype is to use TO_DATE using an appropriate format mask.
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