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    Unanswered: Table - Default Value


    Ive got a table set up which is not calculating properly (or least i cant seem to get it to) Basically i have a row for quantity and a row for unit price. What i want to do in my table if possible is times the unit price by the quantity so it will come up in my reports which at the moment it isnt doing, as the default value is 0 in my table!
    Might anyone be able to help me on this matter?

    Thanx in advance

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    Why are you storing this in your tables when you could quite easily calculate it "on the fly" on your report?

    Stick a new unbound textbox on your report and type something like this into it
    Qty * Price
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    Agreed with George, you may want to check out the Fundamentals of Relational Database Design, specifically the Third Normal Form section (about half way down).
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