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    Unanswered: Upgrade to 10g from 8i - ODBC Issue


    I am working on for a 8i to 10g Upgrade Project for a client. Currently they are using 8i Client for connecting their desktop applications (mostly built in VB 6.0).

    Now we work migrating their Oracle DB Servers and Client from 8i to 10g. Along with this, we are also migrating their VB6.0 application to a .NET based application (using ASP.NET).

    As currently they are using Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle, should we stick to that driver after even this migration? Will it work or not?
    If it will still work, will there be any Oracle 10g Features that we will be unable to use using this Microsoft ODBC Driver?

    OR Should we migrate to some other data connectivity source, ODP.NET, ADO.NET.. Any suggestions, experience or reference links would highly appreciated.

    On more question, Microsoft ODBC driver support 64bit or not?

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    >should we stick to that driver after even this migration? Will it work or not?
    Good question & same for the following questions.
    Back at you are you willing to bet your job on responses from anonymous strangers, that their answers are correct for your environment?
    IMO, what you need to do is test, test & test somemore.

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    For most folks, they don't know, what they don't know.
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    Actually, I want to know some experiences and research/study links. I definitly have to read and have to do the test.

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    I have found in the past that the oracle odbc driver is much faster then the Microsoft driver. If you want to install the oracle ODBC driver, see
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