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    Unanswered: migrating from MySQL to SQL Anywhere

    hi guys.
    i need help.
    i'm using SUSE (Linux) and work in server environment.
    now i have an assignment to migrate my database from MySQL to SQL ANywhere using PHP Nuke 8.0.
    do i have to use migration kit or only from SQL query??
    and actually i really dont know what SQL Anywhere is..except bout the SYBASE thing..
    if you have any recommendation, please help me...

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    I have no experience of SQL Anywhere but was just wondering whether you could just dump your MySQL database - to produce a file full of SQL that could then be used as a script to run through SQL Anywhere.

    Obviously the SQL may be slightly different on both systems. You could alter the parts that create the database/tables/indexes by hand. Then use something like sed to "search and replace" the differences in the insert statements. If you're using sprocs etc then things will get more difficult as these will have to be rewritten.

    Hopefully someone will know a less manual method but it shouldn't take too long using the method above.


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    SQL Anywhere's management console (called Sybase Central), has a database migration wizard that works with MySQL data sources. All you need is an ODBC data source to your MySQL database. In addition, here is a technical document which discusses migration from MySQL to SQL Anywhere:

    It is focused on migrating from MySQL 5 to SQL Anywhere 9, but will also work to migrate to SQL Anywhere 10.

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