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    Unanswered: True or False

    I have a table that has amoung other things multiple fields that are checkboxes (the default value is set at "true"). I want to be able to make a query that will only show the records that have a "false" value. Does anyone have an Idea

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    Are you looking at just one field, or do you want to find a record that has a False in any of the CheckBox fields?

    If you are looking for any of the CheckBox fields being set to False will be enough to select this record, then try this:
    WHERE CkBox01 = False OR CkBox02 = False OR CkBox03 = False OR CkBox04 = False

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    If you are using QBE (the graphical query editor) then put False on seperate lines. When you put False on the same line it is effectively Anding all your checkboxes which only returns those row with all the checkboxes set to False.

    When you switch to SQL view you should see ORs instead of ANDs.

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