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    Red face Unanswered: Tuning a very simple view

    Hi friends,
    I am trying to tune the performance of a very simple view object. In fact our application query this view (which is built on a huge table) and it takes many hours to fulfill.
    create view mis_bedhesab as select paybed, abrmont, atycode, atjhadt from (select sum(a.abamnt) paybed, a.abrmont abrmont, a.atycode atycode, a.atjhadt atjhadt from acntbody a where a.abmnt < 0 group by a.abrmont, a.atycode, a.atjhadt) order by atjhadt
    I created a btree index on abmnt (column in WHERE clause) but it did not help me enough.
    Any other idea?
    Thanks in advance friends

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    Post the output of running this query through TKPROF including EXPLAIN_PLAN
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    Explain Plan

    Unfortunately I don't have access to their server right now so I can't run tkprof against trace files. But explaining the plan says something like the attachment file. There is no in memory sort as you see :O
    It will be so appeciated if you could explain this explain plan a little bit more
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