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Thread: db2 cpu usage

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    Unanswered: db2 cpu usage


    We use db2 8.2.6 on windows.

    Our db2 instance shows an average cpu usage of around 23%. Would like to know if it is a reasonal figure or is on the higher side & require tuning.

    Also the number of db2fmp.exe process are around 7 - again would like to know if this is a resonable figure.

    I am aware my questions are bit subjective , but would like to borrow your experience on this to see if things are OK or bit iffy with our PROD databse.

    Thanks in advance
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    You should always tune your DB2 system and application SQL regardless of the CPU utilization. 23% CPU utilization is fairly high, but it depends on how many transactions are being processed, and what kind of transactions they are (OLTP vs Data Warehouse), and whether the elapsed of each transaction is acceptable.
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