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    Design including Image sets

    Hey guys,

    I'm currently in the design stage of a database, and have a question of how the keys should be set up in two of my tables.

    I have an Orders table, which is related to a Customers table, and also to an Images table.
    The orders table has OrderID (PK), CustID (FK), and ImageSetID (PK)

    The ImageSetID field joins to the Images table which contains ImageSetID (FK), ImageID (PK), and ImagePath

    Now, I plan to have multiple images for each order, which all will have a common ImageSetID, and each individual image will have an Unique ImageID.
    And I plan to store all the image paths in one table.


    ImageSetId - ImageID - ImagePath
    001 - 001 - C:\Pictures
    001 - 002 - C:\Pictures
    002 - 001 - C:\Pictures
    002 - 002 - C:\Pictures
    002 - 003 - C:\Pictures

    Now, am I wondering.. Am I able to Have a unique ImageID, relating to the ImageSetID?
    But, while still using the same ImageID, but for a different ImageSetID..

    The way I plan to use input the data, is by creating a new order, then importing images into that order, but for the ImageSetID to stay the same while I am in the same order, but for the ImageID to change.

    If that is not possible, any there any suggestions to how to set that up?

    Anything would be appreciated, thank you.

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    If you want ImageSet 001 and ImageSet 002 both to contain an Image with ImageId of 001 then you need to use a composite key in Images:
    create table images
    ( ImageSetId references ImageSet(ImageSetId)
    , ImageId integer
    , ImagePath varchar(100)
    , primary key (ImageSetId, ImageId)

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    Thank you. It works perfectly.
    Much appreciated.
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