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    Unanswered: Unique Identifioers for Primary Keys


    Anyone had success in implementing GUIDs or UUIDs (as per SQL Server and ORacle) within DB2/UDB

    ideally new external function may have been implemented...

    MS SQL uses newid() Oracle uses SYS_GUID() to return a valid GUID.

    GENERATE_UNIQUE is not a GUID - I need a GUID/UUID for cross db brand matching and true universal, instance, machine independent uniqueness;

    GENERATE_UNIQUE may not even be unique (within a transaction is not , and identifies the machine partition.)

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    The values returned by GENERATE_UNIQUE are always unique - why do you think that may not be the case?

    As for the initial question, you could write your own UDF that returns a UUID value. Depending on where you want to use this UDF, you have to declare it as [NOT] DETERMINISTIC NO EXTERNAL ACTION.
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