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    Unanswered: SSAS Poor Performance


    I created a cube in my development box, tested, performance is great, now if I try to deploy it into the production server from VS, the screen freezes without any error msg... after some time playing around with security I gave up and created a backup of the cube, and sent it over to the IT department( I have no direct control over the production server so they restored the cube ). Now with the cube in production, it was a matter of just processing it... well that didn't go well either... it would take forever from my development box to see results... then I tried to browse any dimension using the data already on the backup... a simple 4 values dimension would take 2-4 minutes to load on screen...

    I can't understand why browsing the cube its so slow in the production server, IT admin even reported that when trying to browse locally it would be slow too... The server has 16gbs of RAM and its a dual processor, he didnt notice any lack of CPU or memory while browsing the cube...

    Have you experienced this or can you help me troubleshoot whats going on?

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    See this is any help, also look under SQL error log & event viewer log for further information on the warnings.
    --Satya SKJ
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