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    Hi, this is probably really basic but in my loop it steps through a cursor that checks for errors and then adds it to a table but the bit that gets me is that the first error is put into the TABLE as below but the next overwrights it, i want to concat all messages together before i do the INSERT but how can store each error as it loops.
    while cursor FIRST to LAST
    select error_message1 || error_message2 || error_message3;|

    INSERT INTO TABLE values (error_message);

    <END LOOP>

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    You should at least post a VALID program (clean compile with NO errors); even it it does not do exactly what you want.

    Are you now taking your 1st ever programming class>
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    a bit more

    Well I cant give the full program but I have this version working, just looking for a tip to make it more efficent, no biggie!. At the moment it a bit limited to 2 cycles through the loop, in each loop it picks up the values and assigns them, then at the end I concat them together to update in a single row in a table that is used as a display in an app. anyway a tip on how to change code so that its robust for multiple loops and concats for each run through the code would be better.

    FOR i IN request_rec.FIRST .. request_rec.LAST

    IF errors (request_rec (i), error_ret) = FALSE
    IF (i) = 1 then
    h_request_id := request_rec (i);

    error_ret1 := error_ret;
    v_request_pgm1 := v_request_pgm;
    h_request_id1 := h_request_id;
    v_policy_no1 := v_policy_no;
    v_claim_item_no1 := v_claim_item_no;
    e_error_message1 := 'The process had the following errors: ' || chr(10) || 'Letter : ' || v_request_pgm || ', Request id:' || h_request_id || ', Policy no:' || v_policy_no || ', Claim no:' || v_claim_item_no || chr(10) ||error_ret ;

    error_ret2 := error_ret;
    v_request_pgm2 := v_request_pgm;
    h_request_id2 := h_request_id;
    v_policy_no2 := v_policy_no;
    v_claim_item_no2 := v_claim_item_no;
    e_error_message2 := 'The process had the following errors: ' || chr(10) || 'Letter : ' || v_request_pgm2 || ', Request id:' || h_request_id2 || ', Policy no:' || v_policy_no2 || ', Claim no:' || v_claim_item_no2 || chr(10) ||error_ret ;
    END IF;
    END IF;
    e_error_message := e_error_message1 || chr(10) || e_error_message2;

    insert_case_item_p (e_error_message, v_request_pgm, h_request_id, v_claim_item_no, v_policy_no, v_request_user);


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