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    Unanswered: full-text error that only happens sporadically

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum and of course I found it because I have a problem I can't find the answer to.

    I have full-text indexing on a couple of tables in my database. Periodically, maybe once every couple of weeks, I get an error on a webpage that runs a stored procedure searching these tables. The error is as follows:

    "Cannot use a CONTAINS or FREETEXT predicate on table or indexed view 'Products' because it is not full-text indexed."

    I'm running Classic ASP, and the stored procedures run thousands of times a day. As soon as I get the error email from the website containing the url that created the error, I immediately click on it, but by that time, the error has stopped and everything is running properly.

    The timing of the error does not coorespond to any other processes. My transactionals run on the hour and the index is re-built at 12:45am, yet I just received the error again at 12:45pm (no, I checked the clocks and they are right).

    I do not have replication running and I don't know where to look next.

    SQL 2005 sp1
    Windows 2003 Server

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    You can create a FulltextCatalog and Index with Templates inside the Management studio.
    At first, after you selected a Template, select the Database, in wich you will Fulltext enable, in the TopLeft Dropdown. Let the Tamplates as is. When you aktivate a template from Template Explorer, there is a little Button in the Buttonbar with an "A" and a "B" on it. Hit this Button and you get a Dialog to change the "confusing things" between the <brackets>. In this Dialog you need only change the DefaultEntry in the textbox with a Name for youre FulltextCatalog. After press OK in the DialogBox, press the red Exclamtionmark in the Toolbar. Now you've created youre FulltextCatalog.
    --Satya SKJ
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    I understand. I don't think you read my post or maybe I don't understand. I have the fulltext running properly 99.9% of the time. Our website gets about 1000 hits on the search page a day, and the stored procedures run with out error. However, once every couple of weeks, the stored procedure that is running properly fails with the above error. I have checked that:

    a) I am running incremental population late at night, not when the errors occur

    b) I run a full db backup each night at midnight and then transactionals every hour, but the error does not occur during those time (last one was at 12:45pm)

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