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    Unanswered: Not a valid password. (Error 3031)

    Created an Access database and program standalone, that are splited, and the tables are linked to the program.
    I've setup a password on the database tabes.
    When I open the program I get "Not a valid password. (Error 3031)".
    How can I get over this problem and still have a password set?

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    Without more information this is a stab in the dark...

    Declare the password in your connection string(s).
    Try this link
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    If you've set up security via MSAccess Security, there is an *.mdw file present. You'll need to create a shortcut to the database which uses the /wrkgrp option and points to the mdw file. So the properties for your shorcut might look like this:

    "C"\Program Files\Microsoft Office 2000\Office\MSAccess\MSAccess.EXE " /wrkgrp "C:\MySecurity.mdw " "c:\MyApplicationName.mdb"
    or something like that (it may not be correct on the syntax) but research this further on the web for MSAccess security files and MDW files. (If this is the way you set up security.)

    Otherwise, I take it holding down the shift key and opening the database doesn't work?
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