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    Unanswered: Replication error

    I have 2BD which is installed on 2 serv #, they have same architecture (the same table, relation diagrams) I need 2réplications:
    sens1=> BD1 (table1, table2) to BD2 (table1, table2)
    sens2=> BD2 (table3, table4) to BD1 (table3, table4)

    problem: when I want to retort one or 2 table of the BD1=>BD2
    The diagram that I had on BD2 is crushed in other words the whole of the relation are re-initialized.
    I found an explanation: when I notch (yes to initialize diagram and data) in the assistant of extraction of subscription the problem is to announce but the replication that passes but not as it is needed,
    if not =>when I notch (Not the subscriber has already of the diagram and the data) another message is announced “Impossible to find the procedure stored “sp_MSupd_table1”. “is the replication is blocked,
    ideas??? thank you in advance

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    The procedures mentioned above are generated by the subscription. In order to create them in your database, try this, although I can not guarantee this will work:
    1) create a dummy database with no tables.
    2) subscribe to the publication with this database.
    3) Copy the procedures generated in the dummy database to your real subscriber.
    4) Copy all the published data from the publisher to the subscriber.
    5) Create the subscription with the "subscriber has already of the diagram and the data" checkbox checked.

    This should get you through, but I have never tried it, so I can not be certain.

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