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    Unanswered: [RES] ORA-00936: Missing expression


    I got the ORA-00936: Missing expression error but i have no idea what causes this. Below the SQL i try to execute.

    Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong here?

    Insert into KPI_DATA (ID, ClientID, PMonth, sCode, Testcode, Amount) values 
      Select ID, ClientID, PMonth, sCode, Testcode, count(ID) as Amount from   
        Select '1' as ID,Folders.clientID, round(to_date(folders.AANM_DATE), 'MONTH') as PMonth, orders.scode, ordtask.testcode from folders, orders, ordtask where 
        folders.aanm_date between '1-jul-07' and '6-jul-07' and folders.divisie = 'FOOD' and folders.clientID in (5280, 5281, 5282, 5283, 5284)  and ordtask.ordno = orders.ordno  and orders.folderno = folders.folderno and folders.releasetime < '14:00' and fldsts <> 'Hold'
      GROUP BY ID, clientID, PMonth, scode,testcode
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    Stupid me:

    Trying to insert > 1 row, so removing VALUES fixed it.

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