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    Question Unanswered: Performance Issue on

    I am using with windows 2003 platform.
    I have dual core 4 cpu (i.e. one cpu contains two cores) so i have set cpu_count=4.
    Facing problem of memory paging, but memory is 16GB out of which sga occupies 6GB (SGA_TARGET=6GB).
    Got to know about memory paging through OEM (Performance Analysis).

    Have following queries:
    1. Do cpu_count parameter is correct?
    2. Why am I facing memory paging?
    3. How can I reduce Paging?
    4. As I have 8 cores, can I set cpu_count=8, what will be the consequence?
    God Bless You.

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    I presume your using 64 bit windows in which case this should be of use to you.

    I would have though with 8 cores that is what you should set your cpu count to.


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