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    Unanswered: problem with BCP Process on sybase database

    Hi friends,
    I am facing a problem with bcp process on the following environment
    OS - sun solaris
    database - sybase

    I have 13 tables in my database with max 8450782 rows in a table.
    so I have write a script for unix, in which whole bcp process is done in one shot being a single process in background(bcp-out from source table , truncate on destination table,bcp-in ). in this way my all the 13 tables refreshes tables have not any indexes,or other referential dependency.
    some times this whole process slow down is there any issue with multiple tables refreshing.
    is my this approach is wrong or what i need to speed up the process.
    any suggestion will be appriciated.
    Subhash Kocher

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    I think you might be limited by your disk I/O speeds. But things you can use to try and speed up the process is a fifo special file (man mkfifo) as the bcp file and a larger network packet size (bcp -A 8704)

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    Would it be worth altering your unix script to do one table at a time. It might avoid the competition for resources. It would be good to time each stage so you can see where the issue is.

    Do you drop the indexes on the destination table before bcping in, then create them again afterwards? hoping to use fast bcp.

    Another option might be to try putting the 13 tables into their own database and simply dump the database at the source and restore it on the destination rather than bcping in and out each table.

    Just my 2cents


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