I need one last change to a .php script. If you’re comfortable with PHP and would like a quick job, let me know.

In short, I need one of the values that the script calculates to be displayed multiple times on the same webpage. Currently, it only allows one instance of it to be displayed.

For example, if the value is the number of hours of sunshine in a day, then throughout the webpage I’d like to have a Variable Field where this number can be displayed .. but I want to use the variable field multiple times on the page (currently it displays just once).

Ie: July 14th, 2007 – Vancouver, BC saw ______ hours of sunshine. Being a city of a lot of patios, this also meant Vancouverites had at least ______ hours of great patio weather.

The above is a bit of gibberish content but you get the point. Basically, I need the variable to be displayed multiple times through the content. With the current setup of my script, it only displays once.

If you think you have a fix for this, please get in touch. I expect I’ll receive a lot of replies so if you could summarize why you think you know what the problem is (or what your previous experience is in coding similar functions in scripts), I’d appreciate it.

Contact me by PM on here, or (preferred) email me at rob AT dearemployee DOT com