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    Unanswered: finding first friday

    i want the user to put in a date and i want to find the first friday of that month and the last firday of that month and put them into 2 text boxes.

    can any1 help

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    I just read some posts on how to do this a few weeks past. I don't have your answer but have you tried doing a search on this website for First Friday or Last Friday of Month?
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    May be an easier way, but thiis will do it! Make sure you scroll to get all the code that's not visible!

    FirstFriday = DateSerial(Year(YourDate), Month(YourDate), 1) + (6 - Weekday(DateSerial(Year(YourDate), Month(YourDate), 1)))
    LastDayOfMonth = DateSerial(Year(YourDate), Month(YourDate) + 1, 0)
    If DateDiff("d", FirstFriday, LastDayOfMonth) >= 28 Then
      LastFriday = FirstFriday + 28
      LastFriday = FirstFriday + 21
    End If
    Good Luck!

    Hope this helps!

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