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    Unanswered: Mirror 2 mySQL tables, diff Servers, diff Databases


    I have 2 tables on 2 different mySQL databases. I am looking for a way to Mirror each one to each other. If an entry gets made in one, it gets mirrored to the other. i also need this to be something easy, safe, secure way.

    What is best way to accomplish this?

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    You can use MySQL replication to achieve this. However beware of Primary auto incrementing keys, and other keys which may conflict.
    e.g. Simultaneous inserts
    entry 1 -> db 1 , with primary auto key = 1
    entry 1 -> db 2 , with primary auto key = 1
    ==> replicate db 1 to db 2 = ERROR!
    ==> replicate db 2 to db 1 = ERROR!

    To avoid this you need to need to set the auto_incrementing key to jump numbers. i.e. entries in db1 start at 1 and have an increment of 2, and entries in db2 start at 2 and have an increment of 2.
    Therefore the above scenario
    entry 1 -> db 2 , with primary auto key = 2

    I'm only talking about theory here and have never applied the above to real life DB application.

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