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    Unanswered: TOAD queries


    I'm a fairly new user to TOAD 8.6 and I'm having difficulty querying from multiple Schemas.

    I log in to SID OCP5, and then OCV6, and then OPC4 and I need to query from all 3 SIDs at the same time. Can my tnsnames.ora file be modified to login to all three SIDs at once instead of in separate windows?

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    It appears you are a supporter of the GUI point & click school of software usage while avoiding doing any reading of any manual. -- contains the whole Orace Doc. set.
    I suggest you put down the mouse & try Reading The Fine Concepts Manual.
    Next try researching "DATABASE LINK".
    This "problem" has NOTHING to do with Toad & everything to do with knowing how to use SQL & Oracle
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