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    Question Unanswered: Exporting from Foxbase / pro / plus

    Is this possible, it looks like it was from the dark ages!
    any help would be great! would really like to get the data into excel!

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    I beleive you want something along the lines of
    USE MyTable
    COPY TO MyWorkbook TYPE XL5
    *--+ OR
    USE mydbf IN 0
    EXPORT TO c:\MyWorkbook.xls TYPE XL5
    Hope this helps

    EDIT: This is using the Command Window
    There are other methods but this would probably be easiest - let us know how you get on please!
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    Have you tried Microsoft Query?


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    Try opening the files from within Excel. In the file browse form, look at the file type. Foxpro files are based on dbase, so you might be able to use that option.

    If you don't have the odbc drivers/oledb providers installed, re-install Excel; you have the option of adding additional drivers/providers in the custom install.

    Now, depending upon your MS Office version (Office 2002 or greater,) you may need to use the FoxPro ODBC driver. Ref this MS KnowlegeBase article. (although this link is specific to Access, it should also work for Excel) I would recomend that create a file dsn using the FoxPro ODBC driver, and store it in an easily accessible location.

    Then, from Excel, one of the file open dialog file type options is for "All Data Sources," which includes DSN files.
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