Hi everybody,

I work for a publishing company, we have the rights of 50 000 images and I'm looking for a software to arrange this images in a database.
Here is what i want :

1) The possibility of edit the database by several computers in the company, the comps are link by LAN.
2) The possiblity to consult our images on internet. I don't want to upload the 50 000 images !!! I would like people consult our images directly on the server computer of our company.

There are a lot of software to make an Images database but i don't find a software to share on the net without upload. I only found Canto Cumulus software but it start at 3500 $ !!!!!
Do you know a software for my purpose ?

Otherwise can you give me address of software to share an images database even if we have to upload the images maybe on a ftp server and in the database there will be the path.

As i'm French i hope u understand my questions.
Waiting for your response.