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    Unanswered: Need some advice on SQL script

    I am new to SQL scripting. But I need to write a script to do some insert statements. I am using 10g, so I can use Oracle specific command. I made a tester script to try to understand the behavior of this language, but I am having some problems with it.

    I get an error: "SQLPLUS Command Skipped: set sqlblanklines on" and so on with all set commands.

    Also, I do need to control the transactions because I want to use multilple insert statements in the same script.

    This is what I have so far...

    set sqlblanklines on
    set termout off
    set head off
    set pause off
    set termout on
    set auto off
    set autot on

    insert into trat_work (strategy_code, planning_code, associated_by, associated_on, percentage_share)

    strat.structure_code, prj.structure_code, 'ADMIN', sysdate, '100'
    struct1 strat,
    struct1 pln,
    struct1 prj
    trim(substr(strat.import_code,6,24))=trim(substr(p ln.import_code,7,23))
    and prj.father_code=pln.structure_code
    and strat.depth='4'
    and pln.depth='5'
    and prj.depth='6'
    and strat.structure_name='snamey'
    and pln.structure_name='plnname'
    and prj.structure_name='prgname';

    exit sql.sqlcode

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    Ooops are you using iSQL*Plus?.
    Some commands are not supported in iSQL*Plus

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