Hi all,

We have an application written with Oracle Forms 5.0 and report builder 3.05. We are using Oracle 8i as a database. We have around 50 forms and 10 reports.

I'm in a process of analysing and evaluating to upgrade/migrate or rewrite this application with a new tool in order to convert it on a web application.

I have made few search and i found these 2 choices:
- Migrate this application to Oracle Forms 9i or 10g


- Convert this application to ASP.NET with a tool provided by ATX Software: http://forms2net.atxsoftware.com/site/Welcome.do

Based on your knowledge and experience, I would like to have a better idea about this issue.

Which method is the best in matter of cost (time & effort) and performance ? and what do you recommend ?

Please, do not hesitate to give me any another recommendation.

I really appreciate your help.