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    Unanswered: How to reduce the database size?

    How to reduce the database size?
    I have a senario where in Iam migrating a database from ONE
    (old) server to another (NEW). Current database size is 7GB
    and there is a free space of 2GB. While creating the
    database on new server I want to create the db size of 5GB
    only and migrate the data from old server to new one.

    Any solutions / suggestions to do this in best possible way
    are highly apprciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'm used to run sybmigrate for this kind of tasks. It may depend on the version, but you may need to create groups and users manually in the target (empty) database. Depending on the version, too, sybmigrate may have some funny requirements as same database names for source and target db, same config parms in both dataservers,...


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    Try using SQl-Backtrack Logical dump and load. you could get a Eval copy if it is a onetime deal.

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